Pain areas for SMEs in the field of IT

pain areas IT


Leaders in small businesses have to deal with painful challenges most of the time. The source of this pain stems from problems such as growth, profitability, cash flow, customer service, attrition, productivity & compliance. While their larger competitors tackle these problems with the help of the latest Information Technology tools, most small business owners are only able to use email, browsing & other basic tools that leave much to be desired.

Leaders running these small businesses are enterprising as well as smart enough to run their businesses year after year. Some of the key reasons holding them back from leveraging IT are: Lack of IT Know-how, Funding for IT infrastructure, Access to Applications, Vendor Support, Large implementation time & Maintenance of IT infrastructure. Continue reading Pain areas for SMEs in the field of IT

How Collaboration in ERP is increasing team productivity

collaborationWe all seem to be working hard to make things simpler, but they are getting complex. So complex that it gets almost impossible for an individual to do them. We need a team to achieve goals that we are aiming for. But, once we get a team, we realize it is a challenge to get the team members to work cohesively. In a business, teamwork can happen if the team members work toward a big common goal they believe in and can share data with each other and work on it together. Continue reading How Collaboration in ERP is increasing team productivity

Video Production House gets insight & processes required for Growth

Keeping in touch with clients

A fast growing video production house in Hauz Khas Village, Delhi.

In Oct 2013, business had started looking up for the client and to manage growth, the Founder hired a small Sales Team. While delegating most of the sales function, the Founder wanted to ensure that there was no drop in growth momentum.
The client had already invested efforts in a free plan of a CRM solution, but that did not meet the needs of a company poised for growth.

The key challenges being faced by the customer were:

  • Migrate successfully from the free CRM
  • Acquire tool that could not only generate invoices but link them to payments too. A key problem was that their customers were frequently clubbing payments for multiple invoices in a single payment.
  • Track Service Tax and TDS deductions
  • Track Gross Margin on each sale
  • Get a CRM that was integrated with complete ERP so that the whole business could benefit

After exhaustive evaluation of products available in the market, the client zeroed in on workXmate CRM. By selecting workXmate CRM, the client could Automate & Manage all their key processes so that they could focus on Growth.
Continue reading Video Production House gets insight & processes required for Growth