Entrepreneur’s Ultimate Checklist: #5 of 100

If you think defining your ideal customer profile is either irrelevant or impossible for you, then it may just be reflecting upon your lack of understanding of your market. As you understand your market better, you will be able to improve your definition.
Some samples:

  • Marketing Manager of Product Companies with employee count between 100-1000
  • Director Engineering of a Semiconductor company with over 10000 employees
  • Final year Students of Computer Science in Engineering Colleges in non-Metro cities

This will narrow down your search considerably. Once you have identified your customer profile properly, reaching out to a few of them for Market Validation will not be a problem.
You will be able to use the definition to apply filters in Linkedin and Facebook. It is recommended that you use the options available in Linkedin for B2B markets and Facebook for B2C markets. This will allow you to target your ads & posts to the right people.
Some of the other benefits would be that you will be able to ask & get answers for following key questions:

  • How will your product make their lives better?
  • How can you find them?

You can use a CRM software that allows you to filter contacts using the parameters required to identify your ideal customer profile. This will help you prioritize the contacts that you need to establish contact with.

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