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A fast growing video production house in Hauz Khas Village, Delhi.

In Oct 2013, business had started looking up for the client and to manage growth, the Founder hired a small Sales Team. While delegating most of the sales function, the Founder wanted to ensure that there was no drop in growth momentum.
The client had already invested efforts in a free plan of a CRM solution, but that did not meet the needs of a company poised for growth.

The key challenges being faced by the customer were:

  • Migrate successfully from the free CRM
  • Acquire tool that could not only generate invoices but link them to payments too. A key problem was that their customers were frequently clubbing payments for multiple invoices in a single payment.
  • Track Service Tax and TDS deductions
  • Track Gross Margin on each sale
  • Get a CRM that was integrated with complete ERP so that the whole business could benefit

After exhaustive evaluation of products available in the market, the client zeroed in on workXmate CRM. By selecting workXmate CRM, the client could Automate & Manage all their key processes so that they could focus on Growth.

Some of the key processes that were Automated were:

  • Quotes were generated from pricelists and discounts were approved using workflow
  • 100% Invoices were error free and were getting raised on time based upon the Order received from customer
  • 100% Leads were getting captured from Website, Facebook & Linkedin directly to CRM database ensuring that no Lead was lost
  • 100% accurate reports on Service Tax paid by customers and TDS deducted by customers were available at any time.

Some of the key processes that could be Managed better were:

  • Customer Interactions were well tracked and the Founder could keep an eye on whether each Account was being managed the way it should be
  • 100% Payment Receipts were tracked accurately while handling situations where customer had clubbed multiple invoices in a single payment. Moreover the Form16A for TDS deductions could be stored along with the payment details and were accessible to Sales as well as Accounting team.
  • Since each order was a Project with well defined milestones, the client was able to integrate the Orders with Project Management & Invoicing

Better Growth was achieved because:

  • They were able to focus on customers with higher Gross Margins and re-negotiate better contracts with those with poor Gross Margins
  • Sales grew as the Founder could review & strategize Current Leads to ensure that more high quality leads were converted into orders
  • Sales also grew as productivity of Sales Team went up because they were able to plan their Activities by day and by Customer


  • 360° Sales data on fingertips: Track Leads, Contacts, Activities, Quotes, Invoices & Payments
  • Error free transactions visible to customers: The Sales team could seamlessly convert Leads to Quotes, Quotes to Orders & Orders to Invoices
  • Complete Sales Force Automation: Provide tools to your Sales Team to make smarter decisions & close more deals faster
  • Segment your Customers to Maximize returns: Segment customers using Industry best practices and focus upon reaching out to your most profitable segments
  • Built-in Tally Integration

The client summed up the change workXmate made in their sales cycle: “We could easily identify and focus on profitable lead sources & segments. Each lead could be effortlessly tracked to its logical end without ever loosing a lead. The sales team could not only efficiently send out quotes & invoices, but could track payments received too. workXmate gave us the insight and the processes that were required for growth.”

We could hardly ask for more!

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